ACRE Mission Statement


The mission of the Alliance for Continuing Rabbinic Education (ACRE) is to support and promote the providers of Continuing Rabbinic Education, in collaboration with the national rabbinical associations, rabbinical seminaries, independent CRE providers and others. ACRE will accomplish this mission by:


  1. Convening conversations to promote creativity, share best practices, discuss mutual goals and maintain Continuing Rabbinic Education as a priority within the rabbinic community.


  1. Advocating for the importance of Continuing Rabbinic Education as a norm that congregations, Jewish agencies, Jewish schools and other Jewish organizations will support with adequate funding.


  1. Facilitating the exchange of information about existing Continuing Rabbinic Education programs.


  1. Expanding the opportunities for collaborative, trans-denominational Continuing Rabbinic Education by working with providers, federations, foundations, and other potential sources of support.


  1. Identifying for CRE providers emerging trends, practices and tools which can benefit their constituents.


  1. Communicating via a digital platform in which ACRE and CRE providers can post and promote program information, maintain communication, networks, discussion groups and other forms of online communication and resource-sharing.


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