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Rabbinical Assembly
Oraita - Hebrew College
Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association
Hebrew Union College
International Rabbinic Fellowship
Shalom Hartman Institute
Rabbinical Council of America
Academy of Jewish Religion
Association of Humanistic Rabbis
Yeshiva University
Jewish Theological Seminary of America
Rabbis without Borders
Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies
Institute for Jewish Spirituality
Yeshivat Chovevei Torah
Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

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ACRE613 "Ain't it the Truth!" Modesty is the Best Policy for Jewish Nonprofit Organizations
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ACRE613 Activism in Challenging Times
ACRE613 Introducing the Slingshot Class of 2014 – 2015
ACRE613 Simchat Torah, Jewish Education and the Sixth Day
ACRE613 Announcing the ELI Talks Speakers, Fall 2014
ACRE613 If It’s Good for Buffett and Gates, It’s Good for the Jewish Community
ACRE613 Sustaining Our Synagogues, Sustaining Ourselves
ACRE613 JFN Releases “Philanthropy 101,” Online Guide for New Philanthropists
ACRE613 Good News for the Jews: It’s Time to Embed
ACRE613 A Look Back From Advancing Women Professionals (and a sneak peak from Slingshot)
ACRE613 “Ask the Fundraising Expert:” Clear Advice in Dizzying Times
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ACRE613 Why Document Spend Down?
ACRE613 Confronting Difficult Conflicts: This Is the Time of Year for Organizational Introspection
ACRE613 Professionalizing a Passion
ACRE613 I Can’t Get No Satisfaction. Maybe It’s the Implementation.